Allen-QuaichAllan Robert Burns joined the team of “Resurge Africa” in 2001.  At that time the charity was known as “The International Reconstructive Plastic Surgery and Burns Project (Ghana)”.

In May 2010 the Charity marked a new milestone in its development and registered a change of name and it was Allan that came up with the name Resurge Africa.  Allan has made a significant contribution to building the charity and giving it the strong identity it has today. Working on his own, he changed the method of raising money for the charity.  He searched out Charitable Trusts and Grant giving bodies and approached them individually. With his persuasive skills he raised a great deal of money for specific projects, the main project being the training of young African surgeons in the skills and techniques of modern reconstructive plastic surgery.  Through his hard work enough money was raised to be able to train a dozen surgeons and allow the Ghanaian Reconstructive plastic surgery programme to stand on its own two feet.  He also made contact with Sierra Leone and the charity has now started to train Sierra Leonean surgeons too.  He has also helped to train therapists and nurses.  Allan has spent many years in Africa and the well known saying “You may leave Africa, but Africa never leaves you” most definitely applies to him!  Sadly he is leaving us.  In the New Years Honours list, Allan was awarded an MBE for his work.  “Resurge Africa” is proud of him and wishes him well in his future ventures.  He was presented, at dinner in his honour, with an antique silver Quaich in recognition of his work with the charity. A “Quaich” is an ancient Scottish drinking cup – typically presented to a Scottish piper, filled with whisky.