Physiotherapy is essential to the recovery of reconstructive Surgery patients. Reconstructive surgery treats severe injury, disability and deformity. Skilled and appropriate therapy will make the difference between a post-surgical patient returned to an active life, or one who is restricted in movement, independence and social and economic ability.

Our Project is to establish a self-sustaining Physiotherapy Unit within the Reconstructive Surgery Unit in Makeni, Sierra Leone

The Situation

Since 2012 Resurge has as part of our wider work in Sierra Leone, been building up the physiotherapy department at Holy Spirit hospital – accumulating donations of equipment, and providing in-house training for staff.

Sadly in 2016 an electrical fire at the hospital destroyed the pathology lab and physiotherapy department, including much of the essential equipment needed to run it. A devastating setback, followed by the resignation of the physiotherapist, for family reasons. This loss is significant In a country with an absolute lack of qualified physiotherapists – only 7 practicing and 4 fully trained Physios for a population of over 6 million.

However, we have experienced the remarkable resilience of our partners in Sierra Leone, and support their determination to rebuild this service. We have a plan, in partnership with the hospital. We are also happy to report that in 2018 the first BSc physiotherapy training course has been set up in Sierra Leone at Masanga hospital with a class of 17 students, in close partnership with the Sierra Leonean government and Connaught hospital in Freetown.


Our Plan – the next four years

  • People – Train a Physiotherapist to degree level.
  • With the help of UK and Ghana based physiotherapy professionals we plan to train local healthcare personnel ready to support the graduate physiotherapist on his return to the unit. The training is not available in Sierra Leone, and we have an excellent trainee currently undertaking a 4 year degree in physiotherapy in Chennai, India.  He is due to return home in 2021
  • Support the collection of essential equipment to begin to reinstate a functioning physiotherapy unit. Where possible commission local construction of aids, supplemented with donations from the uk

 We need your help

The total cost of this project including sourcing essential equipment, the local construction of benches, weights, pulleys and exercise equipment, and the shipping of UK ex surplus and donated physio items to Sierra Leone is £47,200 and we can’t do it without your help.

To date we have raised £32,000; so you can be sure your donations will contribute to a project which is not only essential, but achievable also.

Whether it’s a monthly contribution (donate now by pay pal), a one-off donation(donate now by virginmoneygiving) or regular fundraising,(donate now by post) every penny you give to Resurge Africa helps fund the training of the committed team in Sierra Leone and the creation of a reconstructive surgery unit where it’s needed most. You can also donate by post.

If you have any questions about our work or think you can help in any way, get in touch with us at

Before the fire

Before the fire

Before the fire

After fire

After the fire

After fire

After the fire


In 2002, Sierra Leone emerged from a brutal, decade-long civil war. Its infrastructure, including hospitals and medical training, was decimated. Both the country and its people were left broken.

Today, Sierra Leone is at peace but still feeling the effects of conflict, a catastrophic Ebola epidemic and now the impact of COVID-19.  Healthcare in the nation is severely challenged: there is one doctor to 10,000 people; no reconstructive surgeons,  and one orthopaedic surgeon.

Sierra Leone and its people need our help to recover; to train the surgeons, nurses and physiotherapists that will help change the face of healthcare in the country and rebuild bodies and lives broken by war and disease.

At the Holy Spirit Hospital in Makeni, we are developing Sierra Leone’s first reconstructive surgery unit. The infrastructure has supported by the work of Italian charity Fondazione Don Gnocchi, and Jersey Overseas Aid (JOA) and other donors; Resurge Africa is now training the staff that will run the unit independently, creating a self-sustaining facility that will eventually provide support and training to other medics in Sierra Leone.


We are proud of the commitment and achievements of our physios in Ghana, and, with your help, we want to replicate this approach in Sierra Leone. Our work in Ghana has seen the creation of a thriving reconstructive surgery unit – the country’s first – run by a team of international-standard surgeons, physios and medical staff who deliver training and support to other hospitals in the region.

We’ve proven that we can change the face of reconstructive surgery in West Africa – but we can’t do it without your help.

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