We’re committed to delivering lasting change for the people of West Africa, but we couldn’t do it without our incredible team of medical volunteers.

From surgeons and anaesthetists to nurses and therapists, each one of the many medical staff who have given their time, knowledge and skills to us over the years are driven by a shared goal: to build a better future for the people of West Africa.

Thanks to their efforts, we were able to establish Ghana’s first reconstructive surgery unit – and help it thrive. The unit has transformed the lives of tens of thousands of children and adults afflicted by deformity and disability – but there’s still much more to do.

Our work in Ghana has proven that the creation of sustainable, locally-staffed reconstructive surgery services is possible – and that it can have a tremendously positive effect on the lives of some of the world’s poorest people. We want to continue to work towards a future where access to these services is available to everyone.

If you think you can help us provide the support and training needed to allow the dedicated medical professionals of West Africa to repair bodies and rebuild lives, please, get in touch.