Amekoudi is a young man from Togo, the country immediately to the east of Ghana. He is an albino and albinos throughout Africa are ravaged by skin cancer as their skin has little natural protection from the sun.

Amekoudi arrived in Ghana from Togo where no treatment is available and had major surgery preformed to remove many of his cancers and reconstruct the wounds resulting from its spread. A Scottish benefactor paid for his treatment and his transport back home. He wrote to us in Scotland telling how this help had changed and brought new hope into his life. We heard nothing more for over a year but following further contact we sent a pickup to the border, brought him to the Resurge Africa Unit in Accra and removed 57 new lesions from his body.

Unfortunately, although the worst of his cancers have been removed, recurrence is inevitable. To make Amekoudi’s life as fruitful, fulfilling and pain free as possible around £200 is required annually to bring him to Ghana from Togo for more surgery, medication and to maintain his spirit and ability to survive.