The devastation brought about by deadly floods in Accra Ghana on 3rd June and subsequent gas station explosion brought tragedy to hundreds of individuals either killed or injured. Joseph, a clothes vendor was working at the ‘Circle’ during torrential rain. He took shelter at the Goil petrol filling station along with many others. As the flood waters rose, a film of petrol floating on the surface became ignited. Joseph dove below the water and tried to swim to safety. However as he came to the surface to breath, he sustained burns to his face and arms. Bravely he tried to swim away and eventually managed to pull himself to safety when he reached a wall. Initially he was taken to a local hospital but discharged himself, returning home to his wife and child. In a lot of pain, he then made his way to the Korle-Bu hospital where he has been receiving care for his injuries on the very busy male burns ward in the Reconstructive Surgery and Burns Unit. Joseph had surgery in July, and is still in hospital and due another round of skin grafting soon. He is hoping to make a full recovery and most importantly, return to his work, and carry on providing for his family.