Funding is in place for the building of a modern, properly equipped, effective laundry and theatre sterile service unit at The Holy Spirit Hospital in Makeni, Sierra Leone.  Resurge Africa is working with their local partners to replace the current outdated and unsafe ‘laundry’ facilities with a cost effective solution.  This sterile services unit will serve theatre in the first instance, but the whole hospital will ultimately benefit.

This is a wonderful opportunity to develop a really good system, and the outcomes will be multiple.

  •  Better cleaned and more hygienic linen for patients
  • More hygienic working conditions for the laundry staff
  • Better isolation of clean and soiled linen
  • High temperature sterilisation, reduced chances of infection
  • Faster and efficient turnaround reducing infection risk
  • Clean, regularly changed linen which instils psychological confidence in the patients.
  • Better disposal of waste products; better control of pathogens

Plans are being worked on and we will keep you updated as the project progresses.