Pictured above from Left to Right – Fatmata Jalloh, Foday Koroma, Francess Bangura & Augustine Kamara


Greetings, The Burns and Plastic Course which lasted for five days started on the 13th March, 2017 and ended on the 17th March, 2017.

There were two set of lecturers, from Glasgow – Scotland, UK and Ghana. Both of them applied extra effort to make the course simple and understandable for us. The course was simplified in such a way that all of us could understand it was really interesting and enjoyable.

We learnt about various burns and plastic conditions, their causes, pre, intra and post operative management, therapeutic management, nursing management, Prevention of burns and burns assessment.

After the course we were given the opportunity to learn the clinical competencies in the management of burns and plastic conditions at the Burns and Plastic Centre as planned by our sponsors Resurge Africa. At the Centre, the Director, Dr. Ampomah, handed us over to the DDNS and she then allocated us to the various Units. We spent a week in each of the units i.e. one week at the theatre, one week at the burns unit and one week at the Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Unit.

At the Theatre we learnt about the intra operative procedures, the instruments used in skin grafting, cleft palate repair, cleft lip repair and assessment of patient at the recovery etc.

At the Burns Unit we learnt about burns wound dressing techniques, how to maintain aseptic technique during burns wound dressing, prevention of burns wound complications, pre and post operative preparation of burns patients.

And at the Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Unit we learnt about caring of cleft lip, cleft palate, leg ulcers, caring of skin graft, flap, pre and post operative care.

We were also able to be part of a presentation of two topics at the Martyn Webster’s Lecturing Hall, which were cleft lip & palate repair and hand infections.

We say many thanks to our sponsors Resurge Africa and Holy Spirit Hospital for giving us the opportunity to come and acquire more knowledge in Burns at The National Reconstructive Plastics Surgery & Burns Centre, Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, Accra – Ghana.

Thanks to the Director, Dr Ampomah, and the DDNS for receiving us well and also for encouraging us throughout our learning process at the Centre.

Thanks to the In-charges and all the Doctors, Nurses for teaching us. We also say many thanks to the team from Glasgow, Scotland.

Report by Sierra Leone Nurses – Augustine Kamara, Foday Gibrilla Koroma, Fatmata Lamrana Jalloh and Francess Yafullah Bangura.