In 1992, or just thereafter, Jack Mustarde, who had, on the instructions of the President of Ghana, set about organising a Reconstructive Plastic Surgery and Burns Service in Ghana, was visiting powerful Businesses in Ghana and various Embassies. He came to the Japanese Embassy, in order to arrange an interview with the Japanese Ambassador, and was met by Mrs Evelyn Tay, then the Ambassador’s private secretary . Jack was, at the age of 77, footsore and weary and Evelyn took pity on him, ordered him to sit down and have a cup of tea, before quickly arranging an interview for him with the Ambassador.
Jack learned that Mrs Tay came originally from Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland and also that she had been widowed two years previously. They instantly became friends and Mrs Tay, with her knowledge of how things worked in Ghana and her many contacts, was able to lead Jack in the right direction to achieve his goal. The Japanese Ambassador was also a great supporter and financed a great deal, including a magnificent operating microscope.
In 1997 Jack was presented with the order of the Volta (and later an OBE). Evelyn Tay, in 2016 has repeated her success with the Reconstructive Plastic Surgery and Burns Centre, by facilitating the new Moorfields Eye Centre. All this work that she has done has, at last, been recognised by the British Government and she has been awarded the MBE in the list produced at the Queens Birthday in 2016. she certainly deserves this and all working for the charity “Resurge Africa” applaud the decision and congratulate her.

Martyn Webster