commonwealth-flying-flag-footerFly a Flag for the Commonwealth was inaugurated on Commonwealth Day 2014 and was immediately embraced as a pioneering and innovative new way for people to celebrate the Commonwealth in local communities. Flags were raised at over 750 places across the Commonwealth in 2015, and all looks set for there to be more than 1,000 local ceremonies and celebrations on Commonwealth Day 2016.

If your community would like to take part then you will find instructions on what you need to do in the ‘Guide to Taking Part in ‘Fly a Flag’.  Click on the link below and follow the points 1,2 and 3 on page 5.  You will also find instructions on purchasing your own Commonwealth Flag on page 5.    If you buy a flag then you will be able to store it away ready for the next time as this event is an annual one.

If you are a school, or club you could use this occasion as a fund raising event.  Resurge Africa is one of the  registered charities.  The Guide has been updated with this years events and illustrates who took part and will give you an idea how your community could get involved and ‘Fly a Flag for the Commonwealth’